Warner Bros. Announces That They Will Debut Entire 2021 Film Slate on HBO Max and In Theaters

The pandemic has prompted movie studios to make unprecedented changes. For the first time, we saw movies that were originally scheduled to be released in theaters get released on a streaming service instead.

With many movie theaters closed or at limited capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic, studios have had to change course in order to let fans enjoy the latest films instead of just waiting until the pandemic is over before releasing them. Honestly, no one knows exactly when that would be, and with so much bad news, we all desperately need good entertainment to look forward to.

When Warner Bros announced that they would be releasing the movie “Wonder Woman 1984” in theaters on Christmas Day, they also announced that the superhero movie would be available to stream on HBO Max the very same day.

Many people assumed that this announcement was a one-time thing due to the pandemic and that Warner Bros would go back to a more traditional way of rolling out movies next year. You know, have them released exclusively in theaters before they are available anywhere else.

Apparently, it is not a one-time thing. In fact, in 2021, Warner Bros is planning to release all of their films in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. This includes “The Matrix 4,” “Dune,” “In the Heights,” and more.

Theaters are already struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now that a major studio is going to be releasing new movies on a streaming service, it will most likely only encourage more and more people to stay home and stream movies instead of visiting the local movie theater.

If there weren’t a pandemic, would you rather watch a new movie in a movie theater or on a streaming service like HBO Max? Do you think Warner Bros is making a good decision by releasing new films in theaters and on a streaming service? Do you think movie theaters will be able to survive?