Comedian Hilariously Explains the Pandemic to Her June 2020 Self

Sometimes it seems that 2020 keeps getting crazier and crazier. Sure, there’s the pandemic, but that’s not all we’ve experienced this year. Remember George Floyd? Of course you do. Remember murder hornets? Maybe not.

Have you ever thought about how you would react if someone went back in time and tried to tell you about all of the craziness that this year would include? You probably wouldn’t believe them. We know we wouldn’t have believed someone if they told us about the people who would die, the changes to our daily lives and the natural disasters that would happen. The pandemic is only part of it.

Julie Nolke is a hilarious comedian who had a brilliant idea. In a series of videos, she filmed herself in the present talking to a comedic version of herself in the past. The video series is called “Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self.” In each video, she warns her past self about some of the things she has to look forward to in the future, and none if it is anything you would really want to look forward to.

In her latest installment of the funny because it’s true series, part 3, Nolke talks to the June 2020 version of herself. 

Do you remember June 2020? It seemed like things seriously couldn’t get any worse. As the current day version of Nolke tells the June version of herself, it’s only going to get worse.

Beware, the video below contains explicit language. You probably don’t want to watch it at school, work or around children.

In the comments, viewers are sharing their favorite lines from this video, such as, “I posted a black square” and “What are you gonna tell me next? The sky is on fire?”

Many other viewers are speculating about what Julie will tell herself in the next video because at this point in the pandemic we’ve learned enough to know that this crazy year is not over yet.

One viewer pointed out, “Is anyone else realizing that the insane part is that you already forgot about half the things in this video?” This is a very good point. As countless unfortunate events have happened this year, it is fairly easy to forget about all that we have already lived through.

What was your favorite line from this video? What would you go back and tell yourself about the pandemic if you could?