When it comes to storing leftovers and packing lunches, we’re not sure how we’d survive without food storage containers like Tupperware. They comes in so many different shapes and sizes to fit all of our storage needs, and sometimes we use them to store items besides food – like batteries, paper clips or anything small that we need to organize.

What’s ironic is that while these storage containers help us organize our food, the containers themselves can seem really hard to keep organized in our cabinets. First of all, it’s such a waste of cabinet space to store the containers with their lids on them, but when we separate the lids from the containers, it can be hard to find the right lid when we need it.

Can you relate? If so, we’re here to solve your Tupperware storage problems for you. While one storage solution doesn’t work well for everybody, either due to the types of containers you need to store, your kitchen cabinet setup, or just your own personal preference, we’re pretty sure you’ll find an organization method that works below. We’ve found not 1, not 2, but 10 different ways to easily keep your Tupperware organized.

  1. A Drawer Built for Tupperware Storage

    You may not need to keep reading after this first organization tip. At Amazon, you can buy a drawer specifically designed to keep your food containers organized. The drawer comes with dividers and pegs to keep your lids and containers organized all in one place.

  2. Add Pull-Out Drawers Inside Open Cabinets

    It’s so much easier to organize and find what you’re looking for when you don’t have to dig through a cabinet where it’s hard to see all the way to the back. Pull-out drawers can easily be installed in many cabinets with just a few screws, and there are many options that don’t even need to be screwed into the cabinets. You just set them inside, and voila, instant organization.

  3. Use Plastic Bins

    If you don’t want to install drawers in your cabinets, you can get almost the same effect from plastic bins. They work particularly well on upper cabinets that are hard to reach. Just pull the bin out and grab the container you need. If you want to take it a step further, you can even label the bins so you know what is inside.

  4. Rethink Plate Racks

    Plate racks don’t have to be used just for plates. They are also a very convenient way to store Tupperware lids.

  5. Put Cabinet Doors to Work

    Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 12.52.05 PM

    Amazon sells a variety of over-the-door cabinet racks that can be used to store everything from cutting boards and plastic wrap to, yes, food storage containers.

  6. Let Cabinet Shelves Do Double Duty

    Use shelves that hook onto your current shelves to make your organization efforts easier than ever.

  7. Use Drawer Dividers

    If your kitchen already has easy-to-pull-out drawers, buying some dividers will help you keep everything neat and tidy.

  8. Rethink a CD Rack

    A CD rack turned sideways inside a drawer can be life changing when it comes to lid storage.

  9. Use Tension Rods


    For larger food storage containers, tension rods inside a drawer work wonders.

  10. Stack Similar Containers Inside Each Other

    This should be obvious and it works no matter where you store your containers (in bins, drawers or on shelves). You’ll save a lot of room and easily find the container you’re looking for when you store containers stacked inside each other with the lids separate but nearby.