If you ask someone if they enjoy Frank’s RedHot buffalo sauce, chances are, you’re going to get an resounding “YES!” The spicy, tangy sauce has grown in popularity over the years, adding it to everything from buffalo wings to a topping for pizza. It literally tastes good on everything (even the cursing granny says so!).

While you could literally get away with putting buffalo sauce on your cereal (okay, maybe we wouldn’t go that far), one of the most popular dishes to make with Frank’s brand especially is buffalo chicken dip. The recipe appears on the label of most Frank’s RedHot bottles, and is a much cleaner way to enjoy Frank’s buffalo sauce, since wings can get pretty messy!

The buffalo chicken dip recipe calls for chicken, cream cheese, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, and—you guessed it—Frank’s RedHot sauce. When mixed all together and baked to perfection, the cheesy, spicy combo is honestly drool-worthy, especially paired with chips or celery stalks. It’s guaranteed to appease any party guest of any taste buds, if you’re looking for an easy app to make.

Though easy, if you’re not the best cook or are just short on time, Frank’s has recently come out with a shortcut to their award-winning dip. They’re now selling huge 28-ounce tubs of the stuff, already premade and ready to take to your next get-together. Could it get any better?

You might be wondering if the dip tastes as good as if you were to make it at home, and we can promise you that it does. The premade dip uses the same authentic Frank’s recipe, so you’re guaranteed to have the taste you love, just packaged to your convenience.

And if you don’t believe us, just go by the customers who’ve already tried the premade dip:

“Put this out for a gathering and every bit was eaten by the end of the night. Lots of compliments. Would definitely buy again,” one customer noted.

“I absolutely 100% love this dip,” another fan noted. “It’s my go to for any gathering. The flavor is perfect.”

“Could pass as a homemade dish!” says another happy customer.

There’s just one warning that one person mentioned about the dip: “It can be addicting.” We suppose you knew that!

Still skeptical? Take it from the creators of the dip themselves, the people behind Frank’s: “Made with carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients, the recipe for our Buffalo Chicken Dip was developed in-house and fine-tuned via rigorous panel testing. That’s why it’s so good.”

So where can you find the tub of goodness? Amazingly, the dip is being sold via Amazon, so you can curb your cravings in two days or less if you have Prime. You can also find the giant tub at Sam’s Club. The best part: It retails for just $8.98, which is less than you’d pay for all of the ingredients to make it yourself.

Are you a fan of Frank’s RedHot buffalo sauce? Have you ever made their famous buffalo chicken dip before? Would you buy this premade version?