Husband Transforms Dingy Old Attic Into His Wife’s Dream Closet

Have you ever sat around daydreaming about what you would like your dream house to look like or what you would like to do to transform your current home into your dream home? Due to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, many of us have had a lot of extra time at home to discover what we really like and don’t like about our homes.

Perhaps all that extra time at home has inspired you to tackle some of those projects on your home renovation to-do list. Maybe you’ve visited your local hardware store to do a few updates, finally replace that light bulb you kept forgetting to replace, or build a picnic table for a squirrel. 

Have you ever wondered what a contractor does to his own house in his free time? One contractor spent about 3 months building his own coffee shop in his backyard. He did all the work himself and only worked after work and on weekends. 

While a personal coffee shop is impressive, what we’re about to show you is a lot more useful, especially if you have a lot of clothes.

Rodolfo Cabrera owns Remodeling & Design LLC, a Maryland-based company. One day he was thinking about how he and his wife needed extra space for their clothes. Then he thought about how there was so much unused space in the attic. He put the two thoughts together to create a dream master closet above the master bedroom.

The closet started getting attention when his daughter, Joserin, tweeted about it. She simply wrote, “anyways my dad built my mom a closet in the attic.” She also included 4 pictures of the renovation.

Her post went viral, and she ended up doing a follow-up video to post on her dad’s company’s Instagram account. Watch the video below to see every detail of this drool-worthy closet.


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After doing the poll many people said yes to doing a room tour so here it is!

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Many people are blown away by this impressive attic transformation. One person commented, “Wow. My attic needs you. Come to Texas, please!”

Another person commented, “I need my whole basement remodeled so bad 😭💀😍 This is just amazing work! I can’t get over It lol”

Do you have an area of your home that you would love to transform?