Dad Built a Coffee Shop in His Backyard In Just 3 Months

We’ve seen many uses for small outdoor buildings in people’s backyards. Sometimes people convert a garage or a shed into a guest house or she-shed, for example. Other times, you might find a pool house or an actual shed used to hold garden supplies.

What we had not seen before was a coffee shop in someone’s backyard. Picture your own personal Starbucks-type setup just steps from your back door. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Construction is one of those essential industries that never really shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, but we can imagine that construction workers still found themselves at home more often than usual due to so many other businesses being closed, school closures, etc. What’s a construction worker to do with that extra down time? One dad chose to do a side project in his own backyard.

In a post on Twitter, @Juliannastrid shared pictures of an incredibly cute coffee shop her dad built over the course of the past three months. Her dad is a full-time contractor, and he built the building all by himself from the ground up.

 @Juliannastrid explained, “He worked on it ONLY after work & on the weekends. He took pieces that were “trash” from old jobs (the doors, materials to build the structure, the front window etc) & repurposed them to create his coffee shop.” He sounds very resourceful!

The coffee shop has a spot for making coffee and storing pastries. It also has plenty of seating for the whole family or any friends who stop by. There’s a table and two chairs outside. There are comfy places to sit inside, and there’s even reading material and a game board.

Take a virtual tour in the video below.

Many people who have seen these pictures are a tad jealous of this dad’s DIY skills and want a similar setup in their own backyard.

This very talented dad recently started an Instagram account so that he can post pictures and progress of future building projects. We can’t wait to see what he builds next!