Comedian Nails the Difference Between Day 1 of Quarantine and Day 50

When lockdown orders first started around the country, different people found themselves in different situations. Some people found themselves suddenly working from home while homeschooling their kids. Some people found themselves home all by themselves with nowhere to go and endless time on their hands. Some people found themselves “essential” and continued going to work in an ever-changing environment.

It’s safe to say that for most of us, whatever expectations and good intentions we had when lockdowns started have changed at least a little bit over time. That perfect homeschool schedule probably didn’t work out so well. That jigsaw puzzle is pretty boring to put together by the fourth time. Wearing a mask all day at work is definitely not ideal.

Trey Kennedy knows funny, and he has created a video that perfectly captures the reality of quarantine life on Day 1 and Day 50. He shows multiple scenarios on Day 1 where there are very good intentions, like exercising, cleaning the house, getting dressed as usual before work. You get the idea. Then, he contrasts it with the reality by Day 50. 

Watch the video and prepare to laugh at how reality did not meet expectations during this quarantine, and how we’ve all gotten a little lazy.

Pretty much everyone can probably relate to at least one scenario that Kennedy showed in the video. For example, one viewer wrote, “My mom is the package one. She used to care about disinfecting everything that came into this house but at this point, she doesn’t really care lol.” Another comment reads, “My kids never wanted to go on walks. Now walking around our neighborhood is like walking around Disney to them.”

Multiple viewers have pointed out that Kennedy acted like a dog on Day 50 when asked if he wanted to go for a walk. One person commented, “I think we are just living the life of a pet. They never go outside, and have nothing to do.” While having “nothing to do” is not true for a lot of people (such as parents and anyone who still has a job), we definitely see the point about our lives being similar to the lives of our pets. Now we know what it’s really like to be home all day every day, and we finally understand why dogs get so excited about going outside.

It’s hard to argue with the following comment: “This might be the most accurate video about the coronavirus ever.”

What struck you as “accurate” in this video? How has your life changed since day one of lockdown?