There’s nothing like a good makeover to give someone a boost of self-confidence, and The Makeover Guy, Christopher Hopkins, has done just that for so many people.

Sometimes people come to The Makeover Guy because they feel stuck in a rut with their look. They’ve had the same look for a long time, which is now outdated, and they simply want an updated look. He excels at listening to what they want and giving them a look that surpasses their expectations.

For example, one woman came to him because she wanted to look like a “Glam Gram.” She was a grandmother and wanted a look that reflected the energy and joy she felt on the inside.

Other times, people come to The Makeover Guy because something significant has happened in their life that made them want to transform the way they look. For example, after losing a lot of weight or getting a divorce, some people want a makeover to help them move forward into their next phase of life.

For example, one young man lost over 100 pounds. Pre-makeover, he had long hair past his shoulders. He wanted a completely new look to embark on his new, thinner life.

Yet other people turn to The Makeover Guy to get a new look when they’re approaching a milestone birthday. For example, Mamie was approaching her 60th birthday. She had long, gray hair. She had not let herself go. In fact, The Makeover Guy describes her as a “makeup and hair girl,” but she still wanted a fresh, new look.

Mamie was a little particular about what she wanted though. She didn’t want to have the exact same look every single day. She wanted a hairstyle that she could play with.

The Makeover Guy always listens to his clients and finds a style that works for them. Many times, post-makeover, the men and women who visit him look completely different in a very good way, and they are always thrilled with the results, talking about how it’s exactly what they wanted or even better than they expected.

At the beginning of the video that shows Mamie’s makeover transformation, we see her husband seeing her new look for the first time. He seems very pleased with the new style. In fact, he actually has to wipe tears from his eyes.

Watch the video below to see what Mamie looks like post-makeover.

Have you ever gotten a makeover? Was it because of an event like a milestone birthday or just because?