If you have kids (or even if you don’t), you likely know all the words to the popular hit song Baby Shark. We’re even willing to bet you can probably sing the song in key in all the different character voices—Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandpa…

We know, we know. The song is definitely catchy. After all, it did make the billboard hot 100 list for a reason. But the tune can get stuck in your head for hours at a time if you’re not careful—e.g., if you keep buying your kids baby shark toys that play the melody.

That’s right, after the kiddie song became popular, tons of Baby Shark toys started to make their appearances. For example, there’s the plush toy that sings Baby Shark at the squeeze of a belly, or the Baby Shark walker that not only teaches your child how to walk but can almost guarantee their first words will be “baby shark.”

Of course, it truly is just a Baby Shark world and we’re all just living in it. And the newest Baby Shark toy is bound to set Baby Shark fans into a frenzy—a wet frenzy! It’s a bath toy, created by Robo Alive Junior, that comes alive in the tub, perfect for your Baby Shark obsessed little one.

Just place the battery-operated shark toy in the water and watch him (or her) come to life, swimming around as your child giggles and plays. On top of splishing and splashing around in the bath, the toy plays—you guessed it—the famous Baby Shark song for your child to enjoy in the tub.

Don’t worry, the song shuts off automatically after four minutes (though with the song being only about a minute long, that’s the song four times in a row). Once you drop the toy in the tub again, you’re in for another four rounds of the tune.

The Baby Shark bath toy comes in a Baby, Mommy and Daddy variety, all in different colors (yellow, pink, and blue respectively), so you and your little one can choose their favorite or collect them all. Three sharks in the bath singing the same song at the same time—what could be better?

In all seriousness, while we joke that the song might get old, we’re willing to bet that this toy will help any kid who hates bath time want to get into the tub—especially if they’re a Baby Shark fan (and what kid isn’t?). So if your child always fights bath time, it might be time for a new bribe—er, we mean toy.

You can score the toy on Amazon for under $60. Batteries are even included!

What are your true feelings on the song: Are you Baby Shark lover or hater? Have you ever bought your kids a Baby Shark themed toy before? Can you see yourself purchasing this bath toy? Have you ever used a bath toy to help your child get used to the bath? We’d love to hear how you get your child in the bath!