Amazon Now Sells a Plush Toy That Sings ‘Baby Shark’ at the Squeeze of a Belly

As a parent, you know that sometimes pleasing your child means your sanity has to take a hit. We’ve got two words for you: Baby. Shark.

The “Baby Shark” is a global hit song, and one of the most addicting songs for toddlers—yet, understandably so, one of the most hair-pulling songs for adults.

If you’re unfamiliar with the song, it basically goes through an entire shark family—a baby, a mommy, daddy, even a grandma and grandpa shark, all of who are on a journey to swim after some fish. They get out safe, don’t worry!

Honestly, we have to admit, the tune is pretty catchy—baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo. You’ve probably even caught yourself humming the tune at work or in the shower.

And I’m not going to lie, I just asked my Alexa device to play Baby Shark and now I’m singing to it as I write this article. Don’t judge me, okay?

Anyway, it’s the repetition—when the little ones have to replay the song constantly—that makes us want to cram our fingers into our ears. Some parents have to listen to this song dozens of times in one day!

Well, it’s about to get even crazier for Baby Shark lovers everywhere. If there’s one thing your little one will appreciate this holiday season it’s the new Baby Shark Official Song Doll.

The doll, produced by WowWee for Pinkfong, official creator of Baby Shark, is adorable. There are three different variations: the baby shark comes in a yellow color, the mommy shark is pink, and the daddy shark is blue.

But we haven’t even told you the best part of all: The doll comes with a music box inside of it, so when a toddler squeezes their shark doll, guess what plays? That’s right—Baby Shark!

So now they can listen to their favorite song even more than they already do, since pretty much any time they’re holding the doll, it’ll play. Aren’t we lucky?

In all seriousness, even parents are admitting how great the doll is.

“Okay, I put the delight of my kid above my own sanity. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting very much from this, but I have to say that the plush doll aspect of it is quite nice, especially for the price. It’s very soft, and the battery flap doesn’t have sharp velcro or anything like that hanging out,” one customer wrote.

There’s also good news for those who really can’t deal with hearing the song over and over—apparently the sound is pretty low! “You can also tell that it’s very quiet, which is a good thing since your child will probably be playing this over and over until the batteries wear out. If there is a volume adjustment, I can’t find it,” the happy mom wrote.

Buy your very own baby, mommy, or daddy shark here.

What do you think—do you plan to purchase one of these fun toys the little one this holiday season? How do you feel about the Baby Shark song?