There is a lot of proof that Tom Hanks is an all-around great guy. He doesn’t just seem that way. Many people who have met him have shared stories explaining their positive interactions with the actor.

Sometimes Hanks actually goes out of his way to be nice to people. For example, the actor, who has been married to his wife, Rita Wilson, since 1988, seems to like to say hi to brides and grooms, probably because he knows it’ll make their special day even more special.

When Hanks was filming “Forest Gump” in South Carolina, he saw a bride approaching a church before her wedding. He got out of his car and ran up to her to wish her “good luck” and pose for a quick photo.

In 2016, a couple had just gotten married in Central Park when Tom Hanks jogged by. He stopped to take pictures with the newlyweds.

In 2021, Hanks was walking on the beach in Santa Monica when he noticed a wedding that he thought was “one of the most beautiful ceremonies.” He decided to walk over and introduce himself and offer to pose for a picture with the bride and groom.

While this third example is especially sweet, Hanks did make a faux pax when he asked, “Where’s the groom?” He quickly learned that it was a same-sex marriage.

Hanks didn’t seemed phased by the information. He exclaimed, “Oh get out, my stock just exploded!” Then he put his arms around both brides, Tashia and Diciembre, to pose for a picture. Hanks also offered the new couple a bit of advice about marriage. He told them, “Keep the love alive.”

Tashia is a chef who works with celebrities all the time, but she was still star-stuck meeting Hanks. She explained, “Our wedding was already a dream to me.” She added, “To finally marry her — this was our day. And everybody we love was there, and… Tom Hanks just walks up! Out of all days, out of all people, he walked on the beach today. It was meant [to be].”

Watch the video below to see Hanks crash this beach wedding for yourself.

Although Hanks showed up, there was one person missing from the wedding, Diciembre’s late brother. He died in 2017. They had his photo propped up on a chair. Hanks shared that he actually has the same birthday as her late brother. Learning this information was especially special for Diciembre. She explained, “So he wasn’t at the wedding, but Tom Hanks coming was his way of saying he was here.”

Have you ever met a celebrity? How would you react if Tom Hanks showed up at your wedding? Does it surprise you that Hanks wasn’t phased by the fact that it was a same-sex union?