Say Goodbye to That Pesky Toilet Bowl Ring With This TikTok Hack

When it comes to cleaning, there are certain things we don’t mind cleaning and other things that we avoid cleaning as much as possible. One of the things we don’t enjoy clearing is toilets.

We’re not sure if anybody really enjoys cleaning a toilet, but one reason we dislike it is that it’s so very hard to get it perfectly clean no matter how hard we try.

Sure, we can clean the outside of the toilet and the toilet seat easily enough, but cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl can be quite a challenge. No matter what they claim on the label, many products simply aren’t up to the challenge of completely removing that ring around the inside of the toilet and the hard water stains that accumulate on the inside of the toilet.

Especially if we’re having friends over or if family is visiting, we want to make sure that our bathroom is clean. It’s frustrating to clean the bathroom and still have that ugly ring in the toilet bowl that makes it look like we didn’t even try to clean up for our guests.

Leave it to TikTok to give us the best toilet bowl clearing hack we have ever seen. The best part about it is that it’s so very easy to do, and you probably have everything you need. You don’t need some special clearing solution. All you need is a little piece of sandpaper.

TikTok user raising_krazies shared this hack and demonstrated just how easy it is to remove stubborn stains from the inside of the toilet bowl with sandpaper. As she sands away, the stains disappear. She shares that the hack only takes about 3 to 5 minutes depending on how many stains you have to remove. She also shares that she looked into it to make sure the sandpaper would not damage the toilet bowl.

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For our own comfort level, we would probably wear gloves while doing this toilet bowl cleaning hack, but we have to say that watching this video actually makes us excited to clear the toilet. We never thought we would say that.

It’s pretty rewarding to clean something and see the difference we’re making right away. Watch out ring around the toilet; we’re coming for you!

Are you going to try this toilet ring hack?