It’s hard to imagine life without a dishwasher. I use mine almost every day. The only problem I have sometimes is getting all of my family’s dishes to fit inside the dishwasher. Well, that and remembering to empty it before the sink fills up with dirty dishes again.

Thankfully, Emily Norris has shared 10 dishwasher hacks with us that are truly life-changing. These hacks will easily solve my problem of getting the dishwasher empty before I have a new round of dirty dishes. There’s even a hack to empty the dishwasher in record time!

While keeping the dishwasher empty and maximizing it’s cleaning power are certainly hacks we can all benefit from, they are not as life-changing as some of the other hacks she shares. For example, did you know that you can clean more than just dishes in your dishwasher? Seriously. Just a few of the unusual items Norris mentions that can be successfully cleaned in the dishwasher include artificial flowers and toothbrushes!

Watch the video below to learn all 10 of Norris’s dishwasher hacks. 

Different people have found different hacks to be more life-changing than others. For example, one viewer commented, “It’s amazing the things you can forget. Forgot all about putting a bowl of white vinegar in to help the smell! Doing that today!”

Another comment reads, “These dishwasher tips will help me to organise my dishwasher nicely so everything can be clean and tidy in the dishwasher in the kitchen.”

Other viewers have added their own dishwasher hacks in the comments listing countless other items that they wash in the dishwasher on a regular basis. One person wrote, “I have a IKEA highchair, the one everyone has, and when you take the legs off – that can go in the dishwasher. I try to do this every week or so, to give it a good deep clean.”

Another viewer added, “Great tips Emily- I put my Rangehood Vents in the Dishwasher.”

What unusual non-dish items do you wash in the dishwasher? Which one of the tips from this video did you find the most helpful?