Cleaning Expert Shares 6 Laundry Tips That Will Save Your Sanity

Feel like you’re throwing a load of laundry in constantly? With so many of us staying home more than usual, the laundry is certainly piling up. And so is the stress.

Thankfully, we have cleaning expert Melissa Maker to the rescue to make doing laundry a bit easier. In a recent video she posted on her YouTube channel, “Clean My Space,” she discusses a variety of laundry tips that will save time in the laundry room—and your sanity.

Her first tip involves marking up your clothing tags with any garment that should not go in the dryer. You know, those pieces that are air-clean only? How many times do you just throw it into the dryer to save time, and end up with a shrunken disaster? By marking the tags with an X with a permanent marker, you can easily see which piece shouldn’t go in the dryer. Plus, if someone else is doing your laundry, this helps them distinguish between pieces as well.

Markers also work well if you’re struggling with what clothes belong to which child (a struggle if you have multiple kids who wear similar size and style clothing). Melissa recommends marking the oldest child’s clothing tag with a single dot. Then, when it gets passed down to the youngest, you can add a second dot. Easy peasy! Her video shows you how.

Melissa also has some hacks for washing and putting away denim items—one of the most annoying pieces of clothing to deal with. First off, she claims you don’t actually have to turn your denim right-side-out to wash them. Washing them inside-out (the way they come off your legs) actually helps with dye transfer to other clothing. Wow!

And when they come out of the dryer inside-out? You can keep them that way! Hanging them up this way also prevents dye transfer. She also gives a brilliant way to hang your jeans in the closet without them swiveling or falling off the hanger. It’s called the “W” fold and it’s brilliant. Check out her video to see how to do it.

Additionally, Melissa has some tips regarding laundry detergent dosages. Too little and you’re not going to get your clothes as clean as they need to be, and too much you’re risking your clothes looking dingy. Use the cap-full amount and you’re golden. She also offers tips for choosing the right detergent based on ingredients. It’s all in her video!

The last three tips help you deal with stains, wrinkles, and machine maintenance. So If you’re struggling with any one of these, you’ll definitely want to check out her video below.

What great laundry tips! We can’t wait to try these. What’s your tried and true tip for making laundry more efficient?