Startling Thunder and Lightning Interrupts Groom’s Wedding Vows

We can all agree that 2020 hasn’t exactly been anyone’s favorite year. From COVID-19 to murder hornets and all the horrible things in between, it’s hard to be surprised about anything anymore.

Some of the people who’ve had an especially rough time this year are all the brides and grooms who were supposed to get married. Because of the risk of spreading the virus, unless you chose to elope or have a very intimate gathering, pretty much every single bride and groom had to postpone their wedding until further notice.

Well, in recent days, more and more states have begun to open again for business. And that means some people were actually able to go forth with their wedding. Of course, Of course, if your gatherings still needed to be relatively small, but they were still doable.

One couple decided that they were going to go ahead with their planned wedding in August. Keeping the guest list small, they weighed the pros and cons and thought, well, what else could really go wrong this year?

Turns out, a lot.

Aaron Sawitsky and Denice McClure were so excited to finally get married. Sure, their small group of family and friends wasn’t exactly what they had planned, but it was better than waiting another year or two, in their opinion. Plus, as long as they were married, everything would be fine!

Well, the irony struck—literally struck¬—right in the middle of Aaron’s vows to Denice.

“Let’s face it, 2020 has not been the best year,” Aaron said to his bride. That’s when an ear-shattering bolt of lightning and crack of thunder hit down, startling pretty much everyone except Aaron. He shrugged his shoulders, gesturing toward the sky, realizing the irony of his words and Mother Nature’s actions.

Here’s one thing that’s for sure: The ceremony will be one the bride and groom will never forget!

To see the funny-now-that-it’s-over moment, check out the video below. And don’t worry—Aaron assures us that no one got electrocuted or even wet for that matter; they finished their vows before the rain even began!

They say rain on your wedding day is lucky, right? Do you know anyone who has gone ahead with a 2020 wedding?