If you’re a romantic, you probably love weddings. They’re the greatest love stories after all!

But if you’re not a sap, you might find weddings, well, a little bit cringy. Maybe it was the vows, or the first dance or the way the groom smeared cake into his new wife’s face. *Shudder*

A recent Reddit thread recently recounted all the cringy things people have seen done at weddings. Here are the top 15.

  1. Singing Their Vows

    “The singing-your-vows thing is never ever going to work out like you think it will. Never sing your vows. Never attempt to sing any part of your wedding. It will not go as you visualized it.”

  2. A Badly Choreographed Dance

    “Bride and groom hauled their wedding party up to do a choreographed dance to Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Lights’ but didn’t give them any pre-warning or teach them the dance. That song is 8.5 minutes long.”

  3. A Pastor’s Slip of the Tongue

    “Not the couple, the Pastor kept saying “Our Heavenly Father, Daddy God,” while marrying them.”

  4. A Flirting Bride (And Not With the Groom)

    “The bride got drunk and sat on some other dudes lap for two hours and flirted with him while the groom sat by himself at the head table with a defeated look on his face.”

  5. Guest Participation

    “At the beginning of the reception, we all had to stand up and sing the national anthem.”

  6. Being Picky About Who to Serve Food To

    “Served macaroni and cheese only to the bridal party. Everyone else got mashed potatoes. I was a hostess so I got macaroni and cheese, after tasting it there was no way in hell they would’ve broken the bank preparing enough for everyone. It was just really tacky because people were asking for it and I told them I didn’t know much about it I am just following directions.”

  7. A Nascar Theme

    “During the reception they played the audio of the proposal going out over the PA at the track. It was fully unintelligible. BZZT GABBAGBGA MRRRY MEZZZZZ RROOOOOWWWVROOOM.”

  8. Cake Fight

    “When I was at a wedding of my parents’ friends, the groom tried to throw a decently sized piece of cake at the bride who moved out of the way, the cake ended up hitting my 76 year old grandma. We all had a good laugh. But we were all cringing at the same time at the missed cake attempt.”

  9. Throwing Questionable Items

    “Instead of throwing rice (or confetti, or sprinkles, or anything like that) the bride and groom asked their friends to save all their empty Juul pods and throw those as they walked down the aisle. The friends obliged.”

  10. Making Controversial Jokes

    “Jokes about sex later are never funny. They make people uncomfortable, and it makes you look like an adolescent. There will always be crickets after you make the joke.”

  11. An Arguing Couple

    “My brother’s entire wedding was a disaster but I guess him requesting Baby Got Back (she’s a very large lady) and her throwing an absolute temper tantrum over it was a highlight. They spent the entire reception arguing.”

  12. Being Late

    “If you are going to be late, communicate that to EVERYONE somehow. Have your SO, or your parents, or someone tell everyone you will be late. The staff needs to know, especially.”

  13. Deviating From Traditions

    “Have you ever seen the thing where they pour two different colors of sand into a vase to symbolize the union? Imagine a bride and groom simultaneously pouring her favorite beer (Corona) and his favorite beer (Bud Light) into a pitcher and drinking from it.”

  14. Long, Involved Speeches

    “The best man (my cousin and groom’s brother)…gave one of the worst speeches I’ve ever heard. It was 20 minutes long. Full of tears and emotion. Full of super cringe-y stories and anecdotes…his wife actually had to pull him off the stage.”

  15. A Naked Groom

    “The groomsmen tackled and stripped the groom down to his underwear during the banquet? It was quite odd, and I’m still unsure of the reason for it.”

What’s the cringiest thing you’ve ever witnessed at a wedding?