When it comes to getting married, there are a lot of traditions—for example, having a first dance, dancing with your parents, and tossing the garter or bouquet at a single guest.

However, some traditions are a bit more controversial, like shoving cake in each other’s faces during the cake cutting. If you hate the idea of getting cake smeared all over you while you’re wearing an expensive gown and a face full of makeup, we’re on your side—but alas, we get it. It can be a fun way to add some playfulness to the day.

But even if we can get passed a finger of frosting across the cheek, what about getting an entire cake thrown at you by your spouse on your wedding day? Probably a hard no, right?

Well, one bride named Kelsey had this happen to her—and barely batted an eye.

The cake-throwing all goes down in a video that recently went viral on TikTok. It starts out with Kelsey smearing a piece of cake onto her new husband Tony’s face.

But then, Tony does the unthinkable. To one-up her, he picks up the entire 4-tiered cake and literally throws it at his bride. She then tumbles into some chairs as the weight of the cake smashes around her. As frosting stains her gown. As crumbs slide into her shoes. As she literally gets beaten with her own wedding cake!

Though it’s hard to watch, the video racked up more than 3 million views (as a we-can’t-look-away thing, we imagine). People racked up the comments section, warning Kelsey that her husband’s behavior is in no way acceptable. In fact, some people think Tony’s actions are grounds for divorce.

“That’s not just aggressive but so embarrassing??? If he’s comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and fam… scary,” one person wrote.

“Ohhhhh HELLLL NO!!!! Major RED FLAG,” another added.

But Kelsey knew who she married, and completely defended what Tony did, saying it was just a light-hearted, funny way to make their wedding more memorable. (They ARE both laughing in the video!)

Since the video went viral, Kelsey changed her TikTok bio to “A CAKE never hurt anyone” and has added many videos with Tony showing what their true relationship is like.

And to that we say: To each their own! Chek out the viral video below and let us know what you think.

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What would you do if your spouse threw your entire wedding cake at you during your big day?