13 Women Who Are Dating or Married to Shorter Men Share Their Pictures

The stereotypical picture of a heterosexual married couple usually makes us think of a tall man with a shorter woman standing next to him. This image is not always reality, and there is nothing wrong with that. For example, shorter men don’t have to limit themselves to dating and marrying shorter women. There are plenty of couples where the man is shorter than the woman, and sometimes the man isn’t even very short. Sometimes it’s his significant other who is tall.

Twitter user and comedian Lizz Adams shared a now viral tweet in which she posted a picture of herself with her 5’5″ tall husband of 8 years. In response, many other couples where the man is shorter than the woman decided to share their photos and heights.

Scroll down to discover super cute pictures of super happy couples who learned that height doesn’t matter.

  1. The Tweet That Started It All

  2. 24 Years And Counting

  3. Never Say Never

  4. His Queen

  5. Long-Lasting Love

  6. Married for 5 Years

  7. “It’s Awesome”

  8. He Loves Her Height

  9. Very Much In Love

  10. “Wouldn’t Change Him”

  11. “Happily Engaged”

  12. He Doesn’t Mind That She Wears Heels

  13. Short But Still Hot