We all know and love a good Disney movie. From Peter Pan to the Little Mermaid and Pocahontas, the stories are ones that stay with us from childhood and on. But there’s one other thing that Disney is known for: its “disneyfication.”

Even though it’s not a technical term, you can probably understand what we mean by that—the cartoon illustrations with the dopey facial features and animated expressions. It’s the best!

That’s why Dutch illustrator Isa Bredt as so intrigued with Disney. She decided that through her project “Pet Disneyfication” that she’d have people send her photos of her pets and she’d illustrate them in the way Disney is known for.

The project has since blown up, and for good reason. Every illustration that Bredt has “disnified” looks better than the next! They’re totally spot on and makes us want to have a Disney movie marathon. But for now, check out these awesome “disneyfications.”

  1.  This Smiley Bulldog

  2.  This Unexpected Duo

  3.  This Fast-Moving Turtle

  4.  This Thriving Pup

  5.  This Dopey Kitty

  6.  This Fluffy, Spiky Duo

  7.  This Cheery Dog

  8.  This Comfy Mouse

  9.  This Clumsy Lab

  10.  This Cross-Eyed Kitten

  11. This Dapper Cat

  12.  This Two-Faced Kity

  13. This Festive Dog

  14. This Cozy Mom and Kid Pup

  15. This Feisty Kitty Cat

How amazing are these “disneyfications?” You can view even more on Bredt’s Instagram here!