Being married to someone can really show you his or her true colors. And when you’re an artist married to someone, well, his or her true colors show even more—just in a different way.

Artist Yehuda Adi Devir, based in Tel Aviv, decided to start creating illustrations that portrayed his daily life with his wife, Maya. The illustrations weren’t depicting anything over the top—just the little moments, like what waking up next to his wife every day feels like or what it’s like to live with someone who perpetually sheds (e.g., stands of hair in your spaghetti).

The series, which Devir titled “One of Those Days,” essentially dives into the small intricacies of married life—ones so little that if you blink you could miss them. The point of it all? To make sure you’re not missing out on these moments, which can be just as significant as the big ones (even if they don’t seem that way right then and there).

The illustrations became such a hit hat Devir quickly went viral, racking up nearly three million followers on his Instagram account.

“I think the reason people like ‘One of Those Days’ so much is because they identify with it and relive the beautiful [moments] that were important parts of shaping their own relationship,” Devir says. “Viewers see their life through “One of Those Days” and feel that they are not alone…there are other people somewhere in the world who are just like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [as well] and it gives [them] a sense of relevance.”

Take a look at just some of the amazingly relatable illustrations in the series. It’s not hard to see why they’re so popular!

  1. Mornings

    Waking up next to your one and only is always rainbows and sunshine.

  2. Meals

    If he’s scrounging for what to eat, Devir can always rely on his wife for a healthy meal.

  3. Chores

    Teamwork makes the dreamwork when it comes to changing lightbulbs.

  4. Sports

    She might just be in it for the food, but Devir really appreciates that she at least she tries.

  5. Showers

    So. Much. Hair.

  6. Mindless conversation

    …At least in her eyes.

  7. TV time

    It’s a sacred bond.

  8. Dinner

    “Delicious, honey…” Did Devir mention how good of a cook his wife is? And the HAIR?

  9. Dates

    It’s important to find someone who’s always into the same movies.

  10. Kissing

    Sparks still fly, and hats still clink.

  11. Relaxing

    After a long week, there’s no one else Devir would rather share a glass of wine and a bathtub with.

How adorable are these illustrations? Do they remind you of your own day to day life with your spouse? What kind of little moments would you add to to the mix?

To check out more of Devir’s work, check out his Instagram page at @jude_devir.