It’s that time again – time to give yourself a break from whatever you’ve been doing. Time to challenge your mind to a fun puzzle and earn bragging rights for solving it. Time for a hidden picture puzzle.

Have you ever thought about how much marshmallows and seals looks alike? No? Neither had we. Honestly, we don’t think they look very much alike in the real world, but in a hidden picture puzzle created by master artist Gergely Dudas, the hidden marshmallow is very hard to distinguish from the seals.

In this tricky but fun puzzle, Dudas used the same color for the seals and the hidden marshmallow. That is one reason it’s extra challenging to solve. Another reason is that the seals are swimming in all sorts of different directions, and they’re so cute that it’s hard to focus on finding that missing marshmallow.

Don’t worry. This puzzle is completely solvable, but we think it is one of the more challenging ones that Dudas has created. Take a look at the picture below and see if you can find the hidden marshmallow.

Did you find it? Not yet? Here’s a hint if you would like one. If not, look away now.


The marshmallow is about the same size as the seals’ flippers. So, we suggest looking at the seals and looking at their flippers. Do you see something about the same size but that clearly is not one of the seal’s flippers? That’s the marshmallow.

Take your time and look at every section of the puzzle. Look at every seal and look for something that seems different or out of place. Trust your instincts.

If you still can’t find the hidden marshmallow, you can click here to see where it was hiding. Only look at the answer if you’re sure you’re done trying to solve it on your own.

If you like hidden picture puzzles, Dudas has created many, many more. For example, you could try this one where a soccer ball is hiding among pandas, or this one where a baby chick is hiding among ducklings.

How long did it take you to find the hidden marshmallow? Did you have to use the answer key? Did you think this was a challenging hidden picture puzzle?