Stop what you’re doing. It’s time for a brain break. Whether you were scrolling through your news feed on social media, doing research for a homework assignment or trying to get some work done, it’s time to switch gears for a bit. Solving this fun hidden picture puzzle created by Gergely Dudás, also known as the Dudolf, just might make you smile and feel accomplished when you solve it.

The Dudolf has created many, many hidden picture puzzles. They are all different, and they are all very, very challenging. The pictures are usually fun, like a beach scene or a bunch of animals in a jungle. This one is a little bit different.

In this hidden picture puzzle, the Dudolf created a picture of many, many yellow ducklings. The challenge is to find the baby chick, which is also yellow.

What we find extra tricky about this particular puzzle is that we’re pretty distracted by the differences between the ducklings. One is wearing a black top hat. Another is wearing a blue baseball cap. Then there’s the one who is wearing sunglasses while sitting in a polka dot float. It’s very distracting and makes us forget what we’re looking for.

Besides the differences in the ducklings, there are also many items hidden in the picture, not just a duckling. We’ve already mentioned the hats and sunglasses, but we even found a mouse hidden in the picture. It made us stop for a minute and wonder if we were supposed to be looking for a mouse. No. Focus. You’re looking for a baby chick.

Before you get started, here are a couple hints. First of all, the baby chick is the same color yellow as the ducklings. Second, the key to telling the difference is looking at the beak.

We highly suggest looking closely at each one of those yellow ducklings. Don’t be fooled by the hats and sunglasses. The baby chick isn’t wearing something like that which would give away it’s location too easily.

If you have trouble finding the baby chick, try starting in one corner of the puzzle and working your way across, looking closely at every detail.

If you still can’t find it and you’re ready for this brain break to be over, here is the answer key.

How long did it take you to solve this hidden picture puzzle? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment after solving this puzzle?