Fashion trends change through the years and the decades, but it seems that fashion trends from the past often get reinvented in a new way generations later. The latest swimsuit trend is actually a blast from the very long ago past.

This season it seems that modest swimsuits are out and barely covering anything loincloth bikinis are the latest fashion trend. At least, that seems to be what’s hot and happening during Miami Swim Week.

The fashion show featured multiple brands with one major thing in common – the swimsuit style on display. While colors varied, many featured an old-fashioned loincloth type bikini bottom, but even more revealing than the original look.

Brands embracing the micro bikini fashion trend include VDM The Label, a swimwear brand from Australia, and Normal Culture, a swimwear brand from Los Angeles.

According to VDM The Label’s designer, Maddy Marchesani, “The collection was inspired by the beautiful Amalfi Coast.”

Bikini tops ranged in their level of coverage. Some barely covered anything, while others were closer to a tank top style. Here are a few looks from VDM The Label’s collection.


Kourtney Kardashian is a fan of the loincloth style bikini trend. Earlier this year, her stylist, Dani Michelle, claimed that the cut of the bikini bottoms is the secret to making your legs look longer.

According to Michelle, regardless of what type of bikini bottoms you go for, pick a pair that has ties on the legs, and make sure you tie them as high up on the leg as possible. Michelle explained, the “secret trick to making your legs look so much longer by just raising the hip!”

What type of swimsuit do you usually wear? Are you going to embrace the loincloth micro bikini trend like Kardashian? Do you think this trend will stick around for awhile?