13 Comics About Women’s Fashion That Hit the Nail Right On the Head

Figuring out what to wear or how to do your hair is always a struggle—it just never quite looks the way you want it to.

If you’ve ever felt that way, then you’re going to love the Instagram account @bloome_comics. In her hilarious, related way, the account creates graphics for women who never feel great about their fashion choices. Here are our favorite ones!

  1. Low vs. High Waist Jeans

  2. The Only Acceptable Shoes

  3. Wearing a “Sexy” Dress

  4. How Workout Clothes Really Look

  5. Lighting Makes a Difference

  6. Winter Wardrobe Realities

  7. Or Your Period Wardrobe

  8. Tie-Up Heels

  9. The Reality of Haircuts

  10. Types of Underwear

  11. Nothing Fits Right

  12. Off The Shoulder Outfits

  13. At-Home Manicures

What’s something about women’s fashion that annoys you?