Target is one of those stores where we usually end up buying way more items than we intended to when we first entered the store. We don’t know what it is about the store, but it is definitely set-up in a way that we get drawn to certain items and somehow find them in our cart.

While there is a lot to love at Target, if you have visited the women’s clothing department this past year, you have probably noticed a few questionable items hanging proudly on the racks. Items that we did not feel drawn to and did not end up in our cart.

Instead of just walking on by, some Target shoppers decided to do the unthinkable. They actually bought the Little House on the Prairie dresses, but not because they thought it was the latest fashion statement. No. They bought the dresses to make fun of them.

Some Target customers used the dresses to take part in the #TargetDressChallenge in which they put on the old-fashioned looking farm girl dresses and posed for pictures doing farm chores. Scroll down for some hilarious photos that perfectly capture how ridiculous the designer of these dresses was for thinking anyone would actually wear them seriously.

  1. An Adorable Farm Girl

  2. Works for Men Too

  3. Chicks Love This Style

  4. Don’t Mess with These Farm Girls

  5. Billy Goal Approved

  6. Milk Maids

  7. An Apron Is the Perfect Accessory

  8. Looks Authentic in Sepia Tone

  9. Nothing Unusual Here

  10. No Shoes Required

  11. The Bonnet Is Everything

  12. Hurry Up in That Outhouse!

  13. What the Fashionable Girls Wear When They Walk to Town