Texas Teacher Explains Why She Doesn’t Assign Homework After Facing Criticism Online

When we were in school, we had homework pretty much every day, especially in high school. Sometimes we had homework in every subject. While we were sometimes lucky enough to finish our homework during a free period during the school day, this often was not the case.

Many students today have more homework than we even did when we were in school. Even starting in preschool and kindergarten, children are sent home with work they need to completed before the next school day. Sometimes this homework takes hours to complete.

Courtney White teaches language arts at a high school in Texas. You might imagine that her students go home with books to read, worksheets to complete and lots of writing assignments, but that is far from the case. Her students don’t have any homework at all.

White has posted about her no-homework policy on TikTok, and she has gotten a lot of positive and negative comments. While some people call her “teacher of the year,” other people say that she’s not doing a good job as a teacher because she’s not assigning homework.

White addressed the haters head on in a video on TikTok where she explained that she understands the point of homework and that it’s necessary for some subjects, but she feels that it isn’t necessary for her class especially when her students work so hard while they are in class.

White points out that many students have a lot of other responsibilities besides homework once they leave school for that day. She mentions that some students have jobs or have to take care of their siblings. Meanwhile, other students might have extracurricular activities after school that keep them busy for hours.

Watch the video below to hear White explain why she doesn’t assign homework and to see how much fun it must be to be in her classroom.

White certainly looks like an entertaining and energetic teacher who is doing the exact opposite of slacking off. We believe that she expects no less from her students.

Do you think students can learn effectively without homework? How much time does it take for your kids to complete their homework?