These 18 Kids Brought a Whole New Meaning to ‘Logic’ On Their Homework Assignments

We haven’t been in school for awhile, and there are many days that we’re glad those school days are behind us. While we did well in school, it sometimes felt like the assignments and tests were never going to end.

Did you ever get an assignment or take a test that you really didn’t understand? When the answers are multiple choice, it can be easy to guess at the answers, but when you have to write out the answers, it gets a little more complicated.

Sometimes in cases like this, we were tempted to leave the question blank, but if you’re willing to try your luck, you might take your best guess. Some students are pretty creative when it comes to answering questions that they don’t really know the answer to. In some cases, maybe they misinterpreted the question, but we’re pretty sure that in most of these 18 examples, the students were simply being creative.

While they didn’t ace their tests, they should definitely get an A for effort. These answers are pretty amusing.

  1. Google Translate?

    This student lives in China, and he’s learning English. We think he might be using Google Translate to do his homework.

  2. Stating the Obvious

    That’s definitely one thing that ended.

  3. Clarification Needed

    This student isn’t exactly “wrong.” Maybe “solve for x” would’ve been better phrasing for this question.

  4. Genius Answers

    Every answer is wrong, yet so very right.

  5. 100 Years Old

    There’s truth here. Maybe the question should have asked about a younger age.

  6. Mariah Carey

    When you’re right, you’re right, but we’re sure the teacher was looking for a different answer.

  7. Problems and Solutions

    We’re assuming this kid’s parents don’t coddle him at home.

  8. Thinking Outside the Box

    Then Miranda wouldn’t be able to see the microscope either.

  9. “I Don’t Have a Sister”

    That’s one way to get out of doing your homework.

  10. The Future

    Goals are important.

  11. The Length of a Football

    This does make sense.

  12. “A Lot”

    We’re thinking the answer was supposed to be more specific.

  13. Nerd Alert

    That’s one opinion.

  14. Shapes

    These are nice names.

  15. Vegetables

    We wish these were all vegetables!

  16. Solving Math Problems

    This is certainly a thoughtful answer.

  17. Feelings

    This would be incredibly scary.

  18. Alphabetical Order

    Wow. This student put much more work into answering this question than was intended.