If you’re like many Americans, you tuned in for live coverage of Super Bowl LIV last night. Whether you were routing for the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Francisco 49ers or the commercials, it was an exciting game.

At halftime, the game was tied 10 to 10. No one knew who would win as all eyes turned to the much anticipated halftime show featuring Shakira and J Lo. 

Shakira kicked the show off and mesmerized many fans, but other viewers, especially parents with kids watching, left the room, turned the show off until halftime was over, or turned to social media to vent about how inappropriate they thought the halftime show was.


What’s all the fuss about? If you stuck around to watch the show, you know that Shakira and J Lo showed off their musical talent, their dancing abilities and their toned physique. 

Viewers seem to be split about what message the skimpy costumes and sexy dance moves (pole dancing, anyone?) is sending to our children, in particular, young girls. Some viewers felt that it was empowering to see two middle aged women in such great shape rocking the halftime show.

Other viewers thought the costumes were very inappropriate and the dance moves were way too suggestive.

Where do you stand on this halftime show controversy?