As always, the Super Bowl provided a host of creative commercials through all the breaks. But perhaps one of the most talked-about ads was a Doritos commercial featuring singer Lil Nas X and cowboy Sam Elliott.

Doritos always kills it with their Super Bowl commercials and advertising in general, but this ad stole the show.

It begins with Lil Nas X riding a horse into “Cool Ranch” (see what they did there?). He comes face-to-face with Elliott, known for his role in A Star is Born (and also, his mustache), standing in his way.

The two both eye a lone bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and exchange glances that could only mean one thing: What better way to duel out who gets the bag than with a dance-off?

Lil Nas X’s hit single “Old Town Road” begins to play and the two go at it. Nas keeps it tame at first, moving his arms in a wave-like motion, but Elliott responds back with a wave of his mustache, and everyone knows it’s on after that.

The two continue to perform the best of dance movies, the highlight being Nas riding his horse during the “riding on a horse” line of the song and Elliott playfully giving his behind a little smack (the man is 75, by the way).

“I was a little concerned about having to dance at this point in my life,” Sam told Adweek. “I used loved to dance, I’ve always been athletic but, you know, at 75 things slow down… I wasn’t worried about opening my mouth and talking, but the dancing was a challenge.”

We certainly think he put up a good fight, though it’s Nas who takes home the gold in the end.

To see the whole commercial—which also features a hilarious celebrity cameo at the end—check out the video below.

What did you think of this commercial? Which Super Bowl ad was your favorite this year?