How many times have you watched a football team’s halftime show and just wanted to grab a baton, run out onto the field, and dance right along with the performers? Well, it may just be a fantasy for us, but for a young Louisiana girl, it’s a reality.

A 2-year-old firecracker by the name of Ollie Malone has been wowing Shreveport high school football fans for pretty much her entire life by getting right up there with the drill team and showing off her moves. Spoiler alert: this “performance crasher” is absolutely adorable.

How one toddler steals an entire drill team’s spotlight

Obviously, the little girl has some connections to the high school drill team. After all, casual fans simply don’t own get-ups like the incredible one she’s rocking!

You see, both of Ollie’s parents are teachers at Southwood High School, with her mom even acting as a coach for—you guessed it! —the drill team. In an interview with ABC News, the mother and coach, Micah Malone, gives us an idea of what The Silver Spurs thinks of its honorary member.

“These girls are head over heels for her,” the coach gushes. “She stands with girls and dances with them in the stands. This year, she started going down on the field because she’s a little older.”

The babe sure has no problem shaking her little booty in front of a crowd of hundreds—and luckily she’s got a diaper to add a little extra cushioning if she gets wobbly and falls. How many high school drill team members can say that?

Believe it or not, Ollie doesn’t just dance with the Silver Spurs on select nights, she marches right along with her teammates every single home game. Talk about commitment!

Recently, Micah posted the now-legendary internet video to her personal Facebook page, but as sometimes happens on the internet, the clip ended up getting shared millions upon millions of times, a fact that has stunned her teacher parents.

The girl’s mom and dad just thought that their daughter’s adorable moves would be reserved for friends and family, but as it turns out, little Ollie’s dance has officially gone viral.

“Overnight [the video] was at over a million views,” Micah says.

Luckily, the ordinary mom and dad with the extraordinary little girl are only getting love from their community when it comes to the newfound fame. “We just have so much support at the school and we are a big family,” the mom and coach says. How sweet is that?!

Now that you know all about the extraordinary Ollie Malone, it’s time for you to watch the tot in action. Just click on the video below to see Louisiana’s newest rising star for yourself. There’s no question what her extracurricular will be in high school!

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this pint-sized performer. Do you think Ollie’s dance dreams will continue into the future? Were you on the drill team when you were in high school? If so, what do you think of this little girl’s moves?