Keeping your home clean can sometimes be challenging. It seems that there are always dishes to wash, laundry to fold and beds to make. Some of us find ourselves constantly picking up after little kids who seem to make messes wherever they go, but even when you are older, the messes don’t stop.

Cooking, living and just the dust that comes with passing time are things that can’t be ignored long-term, or the living conditions might actually become hazardous.

One older gentleman who lives in Dalton, United Kingdom, found himself unable to keep his house clean. After his wife passed away, he simply couldn’t keep up with the necessary cleaning tasks, and over time, his home got dirtier and dirtier.

Eventually, one of his friends insisted that he needed help. Emma-lea and her cleaning team from My Kind of Clean, came in and completely transformed the older man’s home.

The cleaning job took 6 people just 8 hours to complete. The before and after pictures My Kind of Clean posted on Facebook are truly miraculous. 

Emma-lea told The Mail that her team visited the home before they started the job so they had an idea what needed to be done. She also shared that after the job was complete, her team was emotional because they knew they had made a profound difference in this man’s life.

Scroll down to see a few before pictures followed by pictures during the job, and finally, pictures of the completely clean home that this widower returned to when the job was complete. These pictures prove that literally no cleaning job is too big for this team to tackle.

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