13 of the Worst Spray-On Sunscreen Fails That Might Encourage You to Rub In More

Sunscreen is arguably the worst part of summer. We know we need to put it on to protect our skin from the sun, but that lingering, sticky feeling is far from fun. So what do we do? We get the lazy version of sunscreen: the spray kind. We spray it on quickly before jumping into the pool and hope for the best.

Spray sunscreen is actually pretty tricky. Some people think that just because it sprays on that it automatically applies evenly. However, you still have to rub it in, just like any other normal sunscreen. And if you don’t? Well, that makes for some pretty awkward (and painful!) sunburns. Here are 15 people who really should’ve taken the extra time to rub their spray sunscreen in.

  1. The Reddest Legs

    Sitting down isn’t going to be fun.

  2. This Blotchy Lady

    How do you explain that one at work?

  3. This Person With Tummy Troubles

    She’s got a point about the bra.

  4. This Man Who Probably Got Divorced

    That poor wife.

  5. These Likeminded Friends

    Bet they had a good laugh (and cry) about this together.

  6. This Tiger Wannabe

    Those stripes.

  7. This Striped Tomato


  8. This Cheese Doppelganger

    Yum. I mean…wait.

  9. This Regretful Lad

    That looks like it’ll hurt.

  10. This Lady Who Can Only Wear Tanktops


  11. This Man Who Desperately Needs Aloe

    Are those Band-Aids doing anything?

  12. This Man Who Can’t Wear Pants for a While

    Clearly he thought his legs didn’t get sun.

  13. This Person Who Needs New Friends

    They didn’t even try!

Have you ever seen spray sunscreen fails this bad?