We all remember last summer—how could we forget? It was our first “COVID summer,” resulting in social distancing, mask-wearing, and getting our temperatures taken everywhere we went.

We could really only safely hang out with friends outside (from a distance) and most places we’d typically go in the summer (beaches, pools) had capacity limits, if they were even opened at all. Eating out was barely a thing, and you probably had all of your weddings get canceled or postponed.

This summer? Thanks to many people becoming vaccinated, businesses have opened up, capacity limits are not a thing, and even wearing masks has become more optional. People are getting to enjoy concerts, weddings, all the large gatherings that didn’t seem possible just last summer—even trips across the country have become more reasonable.

It feels like a huge shift—and one that comedian Trey Kennedy couldn’t help but make a new video about. Titled, “Summer of 2020 vs. 2021,” Kennedy humorously goes through various scenarios from last summer and compares them to how different things are this summer—for the better!

Of course, it wouldn’t be Trey Kennedy if he didn’t exaggerate things just a bit. For example, he begins the video comparing last summer’s visit with Grandma—a weekly Zoom call—to this summer’s: “Hey Gram Gram?” he asks on the phone. “Come over! We’ll make your famous cookies—we;ll BOTH lick the spoon!”

Other scenarios: Having to show your wrist when out to get your temperature reading last summer—vs. this summer where showing your wrist means getting stamped to go to a crowded bar.

Last summer it was all about getting uninvited to weddings, as couples were forced to narrow down their guest lists. This summer, Trey jokes he’s been re-invited to almost a handful of weddings, and has even received a “plus 3.”

Last summer going to a birthday party meant walking to your window and waving at a car parade—this summer, Trey jokes he went to an insane bash with 100 people where they bobbed for apples.

Obviously, this is a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s still a nice reminder of how far we’ve come from last summer to this one, where, as Trey reminds us, “masks are off, vibes are up.”

Check out his video below—and don’t miss his surprise “music video” at the end!

How does your summer this year compare to your summer last year? What kinds of things will you definitely be doing this summer that you couldn’t do last summer?