Dermatologist Shares the Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes That Most of Us Are Making

In order to prevent skin cancer, wrinkles and premature aging, there is one thing we all need to do – wear sunscreen. While it is commonly known that sunscreen is an important way to protect our skin, it is probably just as common to be confused about how to apply sunscreen correctly.

There are so many different types of sunscreen available. Some people think SPF 15 is all they need, while others go for an SPF 50 or 100. Is one really better than the other? Another common point of confusion is how much sunscreen we need to apply and how often we need to apply sunscreen.

Knowing the correct way to apply sunscreen is important. If you have ever gotten a sunburn after applying sunscreen (just us?), you probably realize you don’t know everything about proper sunscreen application. Thankfully, dermatologists know the correct way to apply sunscreen and are happy to share that information with all of us.

Watch the video below to learn what one dermatologist has to say about the correct way to apply sunscreen.


As mentioned in the video below, an SPF 30 is ideal as long as you apply sunscreen every 2 hours. Look for water resistant sunscreen, and make sure you apply enough that you can see it on your skin. Then, rub in the sunscreen really well. Consider spray sunscreen to be your backup, and still apply enough that you can see it on your skin. Then rub it in like you would a lotion.

In addition, don’t skip the sunscreen if you’re going to be outside on cloudy days, and don’t skip the sunscreen just because your parents or grandparents used to skip sunscreen when they were younger.

Do you apply sunscreen when you’re going to be outside? What SPF do you usually buy? Did you learn anything new about proper sunscreen application in this video?