Planning a trip to Mexico? You’re probably looking forward to spending time in the sun, on the beach, and maybe even indulging in a tequila-filled margarita or two. Since tequila is made and produced only in Mexico, it’s only natural to want to make it your choice drink while you’re there.

But how about taking it one step further…and making tequila your hotel lodging? That’s right, literally staying in a place where tequila is made. At the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Jalisco (just 45 minutes from Guadalajara in the town of Tequila), you can literally sleep inside of a giant tequila barrel, surrounded by agave plants.

No we’re not joking. And yes, it looks amazing.

The hotel states that the property “intertwines the alchemy of tequila with the senses of the human being, a place that invites you to follow the same path as a tequila experiencing a shared stimulus. It is the only hotel in a tequila factory and with barrel-shaped rooms surrounded by an agave field.”

Amazing much?

For just $175 a night (seriously, so reasonable!), you can wake up to a literal tequila sunrise. And don’t worry, just because you’re sleeping in a tequila barrel doesn’t mean they skimp on the modern amenities. Each barrel-shaped suite contains its own massive king-sized bed, gorgeous glass rain shower, iPod docks, and minibars. There’s even air conditioning!

The hotel pays close attention to detail as well. Almost everything in the barrel (including the key rings and the trash cans) is inspired in some way by tequila or agave, go figure. There are also private decks and large curved windows so you have the best views of the agave fields and mountains in the distance. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind place to stay.

In addition to providing one heck of a sleeping arrangement, the hotel also offers tequila tastings, tours of the distillery, or even an activity that allows you to design your own tequila bottle. You can’t say you won’t get your tequila fix at this place!


Matices Hotel de Barricas also contains a restaurant called La Taberna del Cofrade that’s pretty unique itself: It’s located 15 feet underground in a cave. And their menu will make your mouth drool, offering nothing short of amazing authentic specialities made with ingredients like agave juice, mango, and, you guessed it: tequila!

This isn’t the first time a hotel has allowed you to sleep inside a barrel. A hotel called Quinta da Pacheca, located in Portugal, offers those who might prefer wine to sleep inside a giant wine barrel. The suites are just steps from the estate’s gorgeous vineyards, and they too offer modern upgrades and amenities such as private bathrooms with a walk-in shower, skylights, big round beds, and a private terrace. 

America, are you listening? Get yourself some hotels that offer accommodations inside a place where alcohol is made, why dontchya!

So, tell us: Are you booking a trip to Mexico right now or what? How amazing does this tequila barrel hotel look?