How to Make a Truly Simple Apple Pie Dump Cake

You know the expression, “as easy as pie”? Some people seem to make pie-making look super easy, but it’s not always easy for everyone. Pie filling isn’t all that complicated, but combining ingredients correctly, making the perfect crust and baking just the right amount of time can be intimidating for a new baker.

Not all baking has to be intimidating. Have you heard of dump cakes? These are super simple recipes that basically involve dumping a bunch of ingredients in a baking pan, and you don’t even have to mix them together. You just layer the ingredients in the pan and put it in the oven. As long as you set your oven timer, these recipes are almost fail-proof.

TikTok user Sophia Wasu shared a delicious-looking and super easy recipe for an apple pie dump cake. If you like apple pie, this is the perfect cake for you.

While you could probably make apple pie filling from scratch, this easy recipe calls for 2 cans of apple pie filling. You don’t have to chop apples or do anything complicated. Just dump and bake.

Besides the pie filling, a spice cake mix is the other main ingredient and what turns this pie into a cake. The spice cake mix will give this recipe that perfect fall flavor we all crave this time of year, and it perfectly complements the apples. 

Watch the video below to see how easily this apple pie dump cake comes together.

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Doesn’t that look delicious? We need to add these items to our grocery list stat.

If you want to make this recipe but can’t find spice cake mix, or if you’re not a fan of spice-flavored cake, you could substitute a white or yellow cake mix. It wouldn’t have the spice flavor, but it should still turn out well. Don’t forget to top it with vanilla ice-cream to make this dessert even more epic!

Several TikTok users have weighed in saying that they made this recipe and it was incredible. Another TikTok user said this cake basically looks and tastes like apple cobbler.

The TikTok comment we love the most is one that is motivating us to think outside the apple pie filling. TikTok user Abby Nichole Chareville wrote, “I use strawberry pie filling and chocolate cake mix & OMG it’s our go to dessert.”

What’s your favorite dump cake recipe?