Professional Baker Shares 5-Minute Trick for Making Pie Crust With No Rolling and No Equipment

Alas, holiday baking season is upon is! What will you cook up first? Cookies? Cake? A pie?

Personally, we love the latter, aka baking a good pie. From blueberry to blackberry, pumpkin to coconut crème, each pie tastes better than the next.

But there’s no doubt about it—pies can be incredibly tedious to make, especially if you make the crust from scratch (and there’s no pie quite like a homemade crust pie, are we right?). If only there was an easier way…

Well, of course there is. In comes the help of Chef Gemma Stafford from Bigger Bolder Baking! In a recent video on her popular YouTube channel, she shows her fans her best trick to making a pie crust that can be made in just five minutes flat.

What’s more, this trick involves no rolling and no special kitchen equipment (not even a rolling pin or a bowl)! What could be better? (No, don’t say premade store-bought crust). Okay, ready for this neat tip? The key is mixing all of your ingredients straight in the pie dish. No more adding everything to a separate bowl and rolling out the dough, only for it to collapse mere moments later as you carefully try to construct it to fit into your pie dish.

Nope, with this recipe, you add your flour, sugar, salt, water and oil all into the pie dish, spread out your dough, and voila! It’s the straight-up easiest thing you will ever make in your life and will come out perfect every time.

Another amazing thing about this pie crust is that it’s super versatile: It’s just the base for the rest of the pièce de resistance. This is especially useful if you want to make a bunch of pies at once for a holiday gathering. All your pie crusts suddenly take a much shorter amount of time, but still taste like you slaved over a hot oven all day in the kitchen.

Don’t believe us with how easy this pie recipe is? See for yourself fin the video below, where Gemma herself goes step-by-step to make the pie crust herself. You won’t believe how quick it all comes together!

Are you a fan of making pies, or did you always find it kind of difficult? Did this pie crust recipe change your mind? Do you think you’ll be adding pies to the dessert list for your holiday gathering list this year?