Woman Unintentionally Sparks Debate On TikTok After She Decorates An Area of Target to Inspire Shoppers

You know when you walk into Target and feel totally inspired to decorate your home?

Yeah—you don’t typically need your very own corner of the store decorated to give you that inspiration. And yet one shopper felt compelled to give other shoppers just that.

Upon perusing aisles in Target, Kelsey Venkov came across a lonely little armchair that she felt needed some love. So in order to “help” Target make some sales, she decided to spruce it up a bit.

She grabbed a few items from multiple shelves in the store—a new rug, a blanket, a cute pillow, a candle, a plant, and some more décor later, and suddenly it felt like a magical little Christmas corner.

In a TikTok video, Kelsey narrates the whole thing and explains that she was just trying to help others style their own homes, and hopefully give Target some more sales, too.

“I’m no expert, but I feel like they could sell so much more if they had a designated designer every month to help them out,” Kelsey said in the video, adding that she’s available if Target needs them.

“People might even get ideas from it, so why not?” she added.

Well, TikTok gave her a lot of reasons why she shouldn’t. What started as pure innocence led to Kelsey getting absolutely slammed on why she definitely should not have taken it upon herself to decorate that chair.

To watch the video that caused so much debate, check out the video below.

@kelseyvenkovFound a new hobby.🤣 ##Animation ##targetdecor ##targetmusthaves ##targethome ##targetfind ##targetfinds ##homedecorideas ##homedecoronabudget ##homedecoration♬ original sound – Kelsey Venkov

“As a Target employee, if we are looking for an item and it is not where it’s supposed to be *annoyed emoji,” someone commented on the photo. “Unfortunately, this is NOT helping.”

“How disconnected can you be???” someone else questioned. “The fact you thought this was a cute video? You’re just making people’s lives harder by making a mess.”

Thankfully, Kelsey took the criticism fine.

“Ok I just wanna say that I was just joking about the job…I know they already have visual merchandising people but my store is never set up!” she wrote after people blasted her.

Some TikTokers who watched the video thought her styling looked great…and honestly, we do, too!

To see the video she posted in response to all the ruckus, check out the video below.

@kelseyvenkovFound a new hobby.🤣 ##Animation ##targetdecor ##targetmusthaves ##targethome ##targetfind ##targetfinds ##homedecorideas ##homedecoronabudget ##homedecoration♬ original sound – Kelsey Venkov

What do you think about Kelsey styling this lonely chair in Target? Would it have inspired you to by more things? If you’ve ever worked in retail, do you find this more harmful than helpful?