GoFundMe Page Raises $30k To Send Target Employee On Vacation After Entitled Customer Calls the Police On Her

Journalist David Leavitt visited his local Target store one day and was really excited when he thought an expensive electric toothbrush was being sold for a penny. Sounds a little bit ridiculous, doesn’t it? A powerful electric toothbrush would never be sold for practically nothing.

Leavitt talked to an employee named Tori and tried to convince her to sell him the toothbrush for the price clearly marked as “display.” She didn’t bite, so he called the police and claims he got them on his side.

Then, Leavitt took to Twitter to share his story claiming that Massachusetts law is on his side.

The responses to his tweet were clearly not what he expected. Pretty much everyone thinks he is being ridiculous and mean to Tori.

One Twitter user even thinks we now have an answer to the question of what to call a male Karen.

Twitter users did more than just tell David how wrong he is. They also started a GoFundMe to send #TargetTori on a vacation, and it raised $34,930. Target Tori has confirmed that she has received the funds, but instead of using the money to take a vacation, she is trying to decide on a charity “that is worthy of your generosity and something that you would ALL be proud to donate to.”

Multiple people commented on Target Tori’s tweet saying that she should take the vacation or at least do something for herself. With the kind of money raised, it’s entirely possible for her to go on vacation and donate a huge portion to charity.