Woman Asks Reddit If She’s The Jerk For Rejecting an Engagement Ring Originally Bought For Boyfriend’s Ex

Most women dream of the day they get engaged—how their future spouse will propose, how they’ll react, and, of course, what the sparkly diamond will look like!

But what if that rock was actually originally bought for someone else—your soon-to-be-fiancé’s ex?

One woman recently took to Reddit to explain that her boyfriend proposed to her with the engagement ring that he originally bought for an ex-girlfriend of his. She explained that before her, her boyfriend was previously engaged, but when they broke it off, the girl gave hi back the ring. And yes, that’s the ring he chose to propose to his new fiancé with!

When she realized the ring looked a bit familiar, she asked him where it was from. “He said it was the ring he gave to ex-fiancé,” the woman writes, adding that she “immediately took it off and was like, ‘I don’t want a ring you bought for someone else, it wasn’t meant for me.’”

Well, of course the boyfriend was a little upset. “He said it didn’t matter, because it’s not hers anymore it’s mine,” the woman explained.

However, in this woman’s eyes, she wants a ring that was “meant for me, not for someone else.”


Or is it?

She says that after explaining the story to her family and friends, they all have different opinions on the matter. Some say she’s being the jerk, and some say he’s the jerk. So which is it? That’s why she asked Reddit.

…And pretty much everyone said that he was the jerk, not the woman. The responses all clearly point to the guy being completely clueless and it was not at all okay that he gave her a ring that previously belonged to an ex.

“This is ridiculous, how dare he give you her ring,” someone wrote. “It’s HER ring, he meant it for HER, bought it for HER. How does he think to give you her rejects is ok? You are completely justified. And I would rethink this guy if I were you.”

“It would be one thing if it were like…his grandmother’s ring. But he just bought a ring for his ex-fiancé and now is giving it to his new one? Damn,” someone else commented. Sell the ring and use whatever money you get for it to buy a new one if you don’t want to spend any more money. That would be better than this.” “That is tacky as hell of him to give you that ring,” another person said. “You should get a ring that is meant for you, not a recycled engagement ring from his last fiancé. I get being frugal but this is too much.”

We have to say, we agree! What do you think? Would you have accepted a ring that previously belonged to an ex—or thought he was being a jerk?