After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, many people voiced their feelings about it. Many people, including comedians, stood up for Rock. While almost nobody thought it was okay to resort to violence, some people supported Smith for defending his wife.

The slap occurred after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair. He called her “G.I. Jane.” After the joke, the camera was on the Smiths. Pinkett Smith did not look amused, but her husband appeared to be laughing.

Something changed when the camera turned back to Rock. Moments later, Smith was walking on stage directly to Rock. He slapped Rock in the face, returned to his seat, and then yelled at him.

It was unexpected, and the Academy has since apologized for not handling the situation better. Smith has also apologized to the Academy and to Rock.

While there’s a lot of talk about Rock and Smith, there hasn’t been as much talk about Pinkett Smith. What does she think about all this?

Camera footage from an audience member’s phone show’s Pinkett Smith’s reaction to the slap. She appeared to laugh.

Pinkett Smith has not talked about the slap or her feelings about it yet in public, but her show, “Red Table Talk,” did address it during a recent episode. While it was not a topic of discussion during the show, Pinkett Smith probably knew everyone watching would be waiting for her to say something about it.

Before the first episode of season 5 of “Red Table Talk” started, the show shared a message about the Oscar slap that was signed by Pinkett Smith.

Watch the video below to hear how “Red Table Talk” addressed the Oscar slap.

Do you think Pinkett Smith will discuss the Oscar slap on “Red Table Talk” in the future? Do you think she should have Smith join her on the show to discuss the slap and their “deep healing”?