The 2022 Academy Awards show was like no other. When Chris Rock got up on stage to present an award, he had no idea he would end up becoming the center of attention long after the awards show. He made a joke that some find inappropriate, but nobody found his joke as offensive as Will Smith did.

Rock joked that Jada Pinkett Smith looked like “G.I. Jane.” We honestly think this could have been taken as a compliment. Demi Moore was gorgeous in her buzz cut, and the thought that Pinkett Smith looked at stunning in a similar haircut could have been taken as flattering, but she didn’t take it that way. Neither did her husband.

Pinkett Smith suffers from a condition that leads to hair loss, and she chose to shave her head to mask the uneven hair growth. When Rock joked about her look, she rolled her eyes. Smith laughed, but something changed when the cameras turned away from him and back to Rock on stage.

Smith walked right up to Rock and slapped him in the face. Then he walked back to his seat and yelled “Keep my wife’s name out your f***ing mouth.” He repeated himself to make sure Rock understood.

While we saw Pinkett Smith’s eye roll in response to Rock’s joke, until now, we didn’t know how she reacted to her husband’s violent behavior.

Someone seated behind the Smiths took a video of the encounter on what appears to be a phone. The footage shows Pinkett Smith bending forward in what appears to be laughter while her husband walks back towards his seat. Was she really laughing at her husband’s violent behavior?

Watch the video below to see this new video footage for yourself.

Do you think Pinkett Smith was laughing? Does her reaction to her husband’s violent behavior surprise you? Do you think Pinkett Smith will release a statement in the near future?