While 2020 to most of us might mean the year the pandemic started, to actress Rebel Wilson, it means something else. Back in 2019, she decided that 2020 was going to be her year of health. It was going to be the year she stopped bad habits and started healthy habits. While the year of health was not entirely about reaching a certain number on the scale, losing weight was definitely part of the goal.

Ever since she rose to fame, Wilson has been known as a comedian, and part of the comedy came from her size. For example, her character in the “Pitch Perfect” movies was actually called Fat Amy not simply Amy. Because of her size, her comedic timing and her self-confidence, Wilson was a rising star.

Despite her career success, one day Wilson realized that she wanted more out of life. She wanted to be able to have biological children one day. She went to a doctor who told her that she would have a better chance of having children one day if she lost weight and got healthier. That was the wake up call Wilson needed to decide to make 2020 her year of health.

If you have ever tried to lose weight, you probably know that it’s far from easy. It takes determination, and it helps to have people in your life who support your decision to make healthy changes. Unfortunately, not everyone in Wilson’s life was supportive when she told them she decided to commit to getting healthier. In fact, some people on her team in Hollywood actually asked, “Why would you want to do that?”

Watch the video below to learn why Wilson’s Hollywood team was not on board with her decision to commit to a year of health.

Does it surprise you that people close to Wilson wouldn’t want her to be as healthy as possible? Have you ever tried to lose weight? If so, were the people in your life supportive of the healthy changes you made?