Have you seen Rebel Wilson recently? She looks amazing! The star says that her weight loss journey was really about getting healthy not about losing weight, but she still set a goal weight and crushed it!

It all started in 2019 when she visited a detox and wellness center. Then, she decided to make 2020 her “Year of Health.” Talk about a crazy year to decide to get healthy!

Wilson didn’t let a little thing like a pandemic stand in her way. She started working out with a trainer, and she completely overhauled the way she eats. She’s on a diet called the Mayr method which isn’t as strict as something like keto, but you are supposed to chew each bite 40 times and stop snacking.

Now that the actress is 61-pounds lighter, she has noticed that she gets treated differently wherever she goes. For example, she has noticed people hold the door open for her or offer to carry her groceries for her, but when she looked like her “Pitch Perfect” character Fat Amy, that never happened.

Wilson even treats herself differently. She has noticed that she takes a lot more selfies since hitting her goal weight.

Now that Wilson is where she wants to be weight-wise, she has a new goal – staying healthy and keeping the pounds off. If you have ever tried to lose weight, you know that can be the hardest part. On Good Morning America, Wilson admitted that she has lost weight in the past but never successfully kept it off. Will this time be different?

Watch the video below to hear Wilson explain her how challenging it is for her to keep the weight off. She evens shares her biggest vice and what’s currently tempting her to go off her diet.

Do you think Wilson will be able to keep the weight off? Have you ever struggled with emotional eating? Does Wilson’s weight loss story inspire you to make 2021 a “Year of Health”?