13 Former Teachers Reveal Their Reasons for Quitting Teaching for Another Career Path

Teachers have one of the toughest jobs out there—not only are you an educator, but you’re also a babysitter and role model, too. You work early mornings and sometimes late nights. That’s why it can feel very demanding for some—and why some choose to leave teaching for another career path.

One former teacher named Abby Norman posted to her Twitter to educate others on why she left her career teaching. And it’s pretty eye-opening:

“I quit my teaching job and now make more bartending for 15 less hours week. Also I get blamed for way way less and get told thank you way way more. No lesson plans or grading papers. Remember this when people ask about the teacher shortage.”

Her tweet caused other former teachers to spill the details on why they decided to quit teacher to pursue a different career path. Here are the top answers.

  1. More Money

  2. Better Physical Health

  3. More Flexible Schedule

  4. Better Work/Life Balance

  5. Less Stress

  6. No Commute

  7. Less Hours

  8. Everything is Better

  9. Needed More Support

  10. Too Draining

  11. No COVID Testing

  12. Exhausted and Overworked

  13. No Respect

Do you know a teacher who quit their job to embrace a new career?