Babysitter Shares Private Conversation In A Shaming Group After Man Refuses to Pay for Her Services

Babysitting is no easy task. You don’t even have kids of your own, and there you are, taking care of someone ELSE’S kids. You have to care for them, play with them, feed them, bathe them—basically pretend they’re your kid and keep them alive until the real parents come through the door and pay you.

However, there are many parents who don’t think they should really have to pay for babysitting services. This mom told her babysitter that she should be grateful just to receive $8 an hour for babysitting, this mom was only willing to pay $3 an hour for someone to watch her three kids, and this mom expected even lower—$2.50 an hour!

While it seems like this is a pretty stingy, entitled, ungrateful bunch, nothing beats the words of this father trying to weasel his way into not paying the babysitter who already watched his kids many times—oh, and then tries to get out of it.

The story was posted among other “unreasonable demands” on Reddit. The post is titled “Friend’s husband doesn’t want to pay me for babysitting because I won’t paint a free painting from them. Even when I told them I’d do it for very cheap if they bought the canvas.”

Though the title explains a lot, you won’t quite believe your eyes until you read the full conversation below.


There’s a lot going on here, right? Totally ignoring the fact that this man is taking advantage of the hours this babysitter already worked, he’s also insulting her artist skills by telling her he doesn’t have to pay her.

Pretty much everyone who saw this post agrees that this guy is being impeccably unreasonable.

“This is disgusting,” someone wrote. “Why would a painting be a requirement for babysitting? It’s legitimately the equivalent of being suspended pay because you didn’t create music for your boss, whereas you work in accounting.”

“Get him a garbage can for Christmas,” someone else suggested. “Put him in it. Wheel it to the curb, and let the garbage company take care of the rash. What a gross excuse for a friend.””This guy is a straight up as****,” another concluded. “Hope you got paid for babysitting but I’d never do it again and don’t talk to him again…he’s a d*ck.”Don’t worry…the babysitter did not watch those kids again, even after the dad knocked on her door in hopes she’d answer and take them. Now, the wife is mad at her because her husband had a big business meeting that day.

Well, serves him right!

What do you think about how this man reacted? What do you think babysitters deserve to be paid?