What do Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have in common? They all went down at the same time. On October 4th, many people discovered that they were unable log into the popular social media platforms. Some wondered if they had somehow been banned or if something was wrong with their phone. Jumping over to Twitter, it was easy to discover that nobody was logged in and the apps were completely down.

What did you do with your free time? Maybe you spent it on TikTok or Twitter, or maybe you got caught up on something you’ve been putting off for a long time – like work or a hobby. Maybe you even had a conversation with someone in person instead of through social media.

While we are relieved that the social media sites came back up several hours later, it was a weird time that reminded us of life before social media. It felt, dare we say, good.

If you think it would feel good to take a break from social media, All Home Connections want’s to give you an incentive to do just that. One lucky person will earn $2500 for taking a break from social media for 25 days.

The person chosen for the social media detox will be required to delete all social media apps from their phone and tablet. They will also have to resist navigating to the sites on their computer.

In order to help fill all the free time during the detox, All Home Connections will send the winner a care package with things like books, board games and baking supplies. There will also be an insta-print camera and a journal. The idea is that you might take up a new hobby or improve your mood.

The winner will be encouraged to set goals, but the goals are completely up to him or her. Examples might be going for a walk every day or learning a new recipe once a week.

Before, during and after the detox, the winner will be required to track his or her mood. For five days, the winner will use social media as normal while tracking his or her mood in a mood tracking app. Then, the detox begins and the mood tracking continues. After the 25 day detox, the winner will need to either write or make a video sharing how the detox affected him or her.

If you would like to apply to earn $2500 for detoxing from social media for 25 days, you can do so here. The deadline to enter is October 25, 2021, and the winner will be announced the first week of November.

Are you going to apply for this social media detox challenge?