There are certain items that are essential when you have young children, and these items can get expensive. Of course, we all need food and water, but babies and toddlers also need diapers and wipes.

What would you do if you were about to run out of diapers but you didn’t have a way to pay for a new box? Some parents use diapers that you can wash and reuse, but if you’re a parent who uses disposable diapers, you have to get new ones somehow.

The Winter Haven Police Department reported on their Facebook page that a man entered a Walmart in Florida with two young children. He had diapers and wipes in his cart. He went to a self-checkout register and tried to pay for the items, but unfortunately his credit card was declined.

The dad didn’t give up. He left the store and returned without the children. Perhaps there was another friend or family member waiting with them outside the store.

The dad once again tried to pay for the wipes and diapers. This time he used a different card, but unfortunately, this card was declined as well.

Now comes the part that the police department is upset about. The dad left the store with the wipes and diapers even though he failed to pay for them. The police department claims that Walmart has a zero-tolerance policy. They posted about the incident on Facebook hoping someone would recognize the man and call the police with any tips to help them locate him.

The Facebook post has gotten quite a different response than the police expected. Instead of calling and reporting who the man is or where they might have seen his vehicle, people from all over the county are commenting on the post asking if they can pay for the diapers and wipes on the man’s behalf.

One comment reads, “When you figure out who he is, send me his info so I can pay for a year supply of diapers and wipes for his children. If this man hadn’t gotten the diapers, you would be arresting him for neglect.”

Another person wrote, “I will gladly cover his tab! Not saying it’s right but the man stole diapers obviously for his child, to steal diapers means he really needed them…”

Do you think the police department is out of line trying to arrest a man for stealing diapers for this child?