Prince Harry Is Now Back in California After Feeling “Conflicted” About Staying for the Queen’s Birthday

When his grandfather, Prince Philip, passed away, Prince Harry returned to England for the first time in over a year. His wife, Meghan Markle, was not able to accompany him on this trip because she was not given medical clearance to travel by her doctor. Meghan is currently pregnant with the couple’s second child, a daughter.

Prince Harry was reunited with his family while in England, which had to be emotional, and at times possibly awkward since it was the first time they were face-to-face since the tell-all Oprah interview. Harry stayed in the UK for over a week. He flew there on a Sunday and was set to fly back to California on a Monday. The prince had a flexible ticket back home which meant he could have easily extended his stay if he wanted to, and he did. Some people thought he might stay for his grandmother’s birthday.

Although The Queen’s big birthday celebration is in June, her real birthday is April 21st. Harry flew home just one day ahead of her birthday. Instead of flying to California on Monday, he flew home on Tuesday. His grandmother’s birthday was Wednesday.

Why didn’t Harry stay for his grandmother’s birthday? Well, we can’t forget that his wife is pregnant and he had already been away for more than a week. It is completely likely that he felt that it was necessary for him to return home.

We shouldn’t read too much into the fact that Harry didn’t stay for The Queen’s birthday. She most likely would not see it as a snub. Prince William and Prince Charles were not in town to celebrate her birthday with her either.

Watch the video below for more details about how The Queen celebrated her 95th birthday.

Does it surprise you that Prince Harry didn’t stay for his grandmother’s birthday? Do you think he made the right decision?