Another day, another celebrity controversy. This time it involves international soccer star and all-around beautiful person, David Beckham. After posting a picture of himself giving his 7-year-old daughter, Harper, a peck on the lips, some took offense, calling the display of affection “inappropriate.”


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Christmas is coming ?? Let’s go skate ♥️

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Beckham posted this photo less than 24 hours ago, and it has since garnered nearly 2 million likes. But despite all the love, the comments section below the sweet shot is riddled with backlash, calling the soccer star “disgusting” and even an “ice cold person.” Yikes.

Lucky for him, though, Beckham has an army of supporters ready to defend him at all times. Here’s how one commenter got the others in line:

Lovely pic, don’t listen to the trolls David, I’m a grandmother of 4 and have 3 kids of my own, I’ve kissed them all on the lips, some people are just weird…

It must be nice to have such a loyal group of fans!

Now, although we are not siding with the trolls or online hate, it’s important to note that the sentiment behind these users’ negative comments isn’t entirely off. In the past, we told you all about how, in an interview with The Stir, psychologist Dr. Charlotte Reznick used her platform to dissuade parents from kissing their children on the lips.

“If you start kissing your kids on the lips, when do you stop?” the psychologist asked. “It gets very confusing.”

Very interesting stuff! We’d love to get your take on this controversial smooch. Do you think it’s inappropriate for parents to kiss their kids on this lips? Do you give your little ones pecks on the lips? Do you think Beckham should remove the photo?